We envision a world where communities thrive
We work to achieve these aspiring goals by focusing on the key areas
*Provide water-filtering technologies
*Provide access to free education & resources to vulnerable people.
*Help & support Military Veterans coping with PTSD
*Teaching trade to people from local communities in 3rd-world countries.

Support our work and see how we’re making an impact – one community at a time.

Our Goal

Our Mission

To improve the living condition, provide free education, assisting the needy thereby improving our society and impacting the world – one at a time.

Saving lives starts with your generous heart.

We aim to focus on helping to alleviate the water crisis in Third World countries included nations mostly in Asia and Africa.

Clean water is a basic necessity for life, but it is not a reality for millions of people. Enn Foundation will work tirelessly to help eliminate this threat, to save lives and transform their disadvantaged communities for the better.

We collaborate with local leaders and support groups that empower to choose the methods that would best serve their communities and solidify long-lasting solutions, which can include different types of wells and rain-to-safe drinking water filtering systems.


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